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Seeking modernization enhances life at work, according to a Japanese company president

Pre-reading questions: In your opinion, what is the important quality that a company should possess? How do you keep yourself motivated at work? Please explain your answer. Vocabulary: promote /pruh-MOHT/ [verb] to encourage or support something The new campaign launched last week promotes safe driving. mention /MEN-shuhn/ [verb] to speak about someone or something You always mention your boss whenever we converse. willingness /WIL-ing-ness/ [noun] the quality of being happy to do something She shows willingness to learn in everything she does. impede /im-PEED/ [verb] to make it more difficult for something to happen Struggles are impeding her to achieve her dreams. administer /ad-MIN-uh-ster/ [verb] to manage or control the…
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Tokyo tops the world’s safest cities for the third time


Pre-reading questions: What city would you like to visit and why? What do you like about Tokyo City? Explain your answer. Vocabulary: top /top/ [verb] to be in the highest position in a list or rank Ariana Grande tops as the most followed celebrity on Instagram. infrastructure /IN-fruh-struhk-cher/ [noun] the basic systems and services, such as transport and power supplies, that a country or organization uses in order to work effectively Some of the infrastructures in rural areas are improving. rebound /ri-BOUND/ [verb] to return to an earlier and better condition Let’s save more money to rebound from our loss last month. anticipate /an-TIS-uh-peyt/ [verb] to imagine or expect that…
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Rising tennis star Naomi Osaka bags more sponsors


Photo by © The Mainichi via The Mainichi Business Pre-reading questions: What is the most interesting sport for you? Please explain your answer. What is your opinion about extreme sports? Vocabulary: compete /kuhm-peet/ [verb] to do an activity with others and try to do better than they do Rina competes with Pete in an essay writing activity. ambassador /am-BAS-uh-DAWR/ [noun] a person who represents, speaks or advertises a particular organization, group of people, activity, or brand The new Ambassador to the United States was appointed by the President. impact /IM-pakt/ [noun] a strong effect or influence on a situation or person The new advertisement has made quite an impact on…
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Japanese hospitals to use translation services


Pre-reading questions: Have you been abroad? How was your stay? When do you usually visit a hospital? Vocabulary: nationwide /ney-shuh n-wahyd/ [adverb] existing or happening in all parts of a particular country By the end of the month, the new products will be available nationwide. upcoming /uhp-kuhm-ing/ [adjective] happening soon Please check the calendar for the upcoming shows and events. determine /dih-tur-min/ [verb] to find out or make certain facts or information The students will determine their school festival activities. outpatient /out-pey-shuh nt/ [noun] a person who receives medical care from a hospital but who does not stay in the hospital for one or more nights The hospital must keep enough doctors…
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Sumo grand champion Kisenosato retires


Photo by © Nikkan Sports via The Japan Times Sports Pre-reading questions: What is your favorite sport and why? What kind of sports would you like to try in the future and why? Vocabulary: retire /ri-tahyuhr/ [verb] to stop taking part in a race or competition because of illness or injury Mr. Park decides to retire from archery because of his poor eyesight. tournament /toor-nuh-muhnt/ [noun] a competition involving many competitors in a single sport or game The father is very proud that his son is winning the tennis tournament. professional /pruh-fesh-uh-nl/ [adjective] having the type of job that is respected because it involves a high level of education and…
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How much money do foreign visitors spend in Japan?


Pre-Reading Questions: Do you like traveling? Why or why not? Do you like to spend your money on traveling? Please explain your answer. Vocabulary: fortune /fawr-chuhn/ [noun] the set of good or bad events that happen to you and have an effect on your life She had a good fortune in Canada. growth /grohth/ [noun] the process of developing or of increasing in size There is a rapid growth in the company’s sales. explore /ik-splawr/ [verb] to travel to a new place to learn about it or become familiar with it I want to explore the world alone. lead /leed/ [noun] a winning position during a race or other situation…
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Heisei era gives new meaning of ‘Japanese’

Pre-Reading Questions: What do you like about your culture? Why? What do you think is special about your country? Please explain your answer. Vocabulary: term /turm/ [noun] a word used in relation to a particular subject Studious is a term used for people who love studying. descent /dih-SENT/ [noun] the origin of people in your family background My neighbor is of American-Irish descent. survey /SUR-vey/ [noun] the information gathered by asking people the same questions The survey shows that many businessmen skip their meal. political /puh-LIT-i-kuhl/ [adjective] relating to politics and government Education is one of the major political issues these days. aspect /AS-pekt/ [noun] a particular feature of our…
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Japan’s celebration for the new emperor

Japan's celebration for the new emperor

Pre-reading questions: Do you like attending ceremonies? Why or why not? What kind of ceremonies have you attended? If none, what kind of ceremony would you like to attend? Vocabulary: enthrone /en-THROHN/ [verb] to put a king, queen, etc. on a throne to mark the beginning of their rule The king was enthroned when he was 55 years old. sovereignty /SOV-rin-tee/ [noun] the power or authority to rule He said that the contract would be a violation of American sovereignty. dignitary /DIG-ni-ter-ee/ [noun] a person in an important position in a society Candance was nervous with her meetings with the dignitaries. meanwhile /MEEN-wahyl/ [adverb] at the same time with something…
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First woman to qualify as a fighter jet pilot in Japan

Fighter jet woman Japan

Pre-reading questions: What are your thoughts about a female pilot? Do you like traveling by airplane? Why or why not? Vocabulary: successful /suhk-SES-fuhl/ [adjective] having achieved a lot, become popular, and/or made a lot of money My classmate in college is now a successful career woman. overcome /oh-ver-KUHM/ [verb] to defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something I want you to overcome your problem in your research study. path /path/ [noun] a set of actions, especially ones that lead to a goal or result The path to a successful life is to stay humble. assign /uh-SAYN/ [verb] to give a particular job or piece of work to someone…
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“Hiroshima – The Last Rose of Summer” to air in 2020


Pre-reading questions: What kind of movies do you like to watch? Why? Do you think Japanese history is interesting? Why or why not? Vocabulary: production /proh-DUHK-shuhn/ [noun] a movie, television program, play, or other entertainment Samuel wants to be part of the new movie production team. aim /eym/ [verb] to plan Our team aims to finish the report by Friday. currently /KUR-uhnt-lee/ [adverb] at the present time My sister is currently in the hospital so she can’t come to the party. hostage /HOS-tij/ [noun] someone who is taken as a prisoner by an enemy Some of the hostages in our city are now free. well-known /wel-NOHN/ [adjective] popular or known…
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