Are you a wanderer? If yes, maybe Japan is the right place for you.

Japan is indeed one of the top tourists destinations in the world that travelers want to visit because of its captivating sightseeing spots and amazing culture. The tourism in the country really brought some good fortune in terms of economic growth. An average tourist spend 153,000 yen for every visit. In 2018, 31.19 million foreign holidaymakers came to explore Japan.

Chinese tourists took the lead and spent 1.54 trillion yen. South Korean tourists were the second highest spenders and they spent 584.2 billion yen. There were also a lot of tourists from Taiwan who spent 583.9 billion yen followed by travelers from Hong Kong and United States who also spent 335.5 billion yen and 289 billion yen, respectively. In 2020, Japan is targeting 40 million visitors due to upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.