People thought that being comfortable is beneficial to our body. But the truth is, we’re only helping it to be weaker and leave its maximum ability undiscovered. A new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has proven that moving more and sitting less can make our lives longer.

It discovered that if you will do light physical activities for 30 minutes instead of staying in a sitting position, it will lower the risk of early death by 17%. Replacing 30 minutes of inactive time with doing average to forceful activities for 30 minutes lowers risk by 35%.

The first author of the study, Keith Diaz, said that it doesn’t matter how light or strong the 30-minute physical activity you replaced with your 30-minute inactive time. As long as you move, it will still and surely lower risks.

So, if we want longer lives, we should get up and discipline ourselves to do physical activities more. It may be tiring at first. But it will benefit us in the long run. So, quit sitting and start moving!