Naomi Osaka, a rising tennis star who won the Australian Open and No.1 in women’s gets more sponsors. This attracts eight companies for sponsorship which is double the number from a year ago. She first secured the Grand Slam singles at the 2018 BNP Paribas Open when she competed against Serena Williams and won in the 2018 U.S. Open final. Nissan, one of Osaka’s current sponsors, has named Osaka as its brand ambassador and released the “Naomi Osaka model” GT-R sports car for pre-order sales in 2018. The sports car exceeded the amount planned for purchases. One of Nissan’s officials explained that the ‘Naomi effect’ has continued to have a positive impact.

Meanwhile, Yonex sports business, which is not only known for badminton but also in tennis, made a professional contract with Osaka in 2014. This resulted in making more contracts with junior tennis players. This may result in the increase of sales as the number of children taking an interest in tennis rises. An expert in tennis assumes the number of companies that take an interest in sponsorship will increase not just for individuals but also for tournaments.