Nagano prefecture encourages young people to learn how to catch and cook its aquatic insects in order to save its old tradition. Caddisflies and stoneflies larvae locally known as Zaza, are the insects that were treasured and served before as sources of protein. As licensed fishers have continued to decrease, catching and serving Zaza was affected in the community. Thus, local authorities initiated an activity where young people can catch and eat Zaza insects, at the same time preserve the prefecture’s culture.

Students from a local agricultural high school participated in the event last January 2019, where three fishermen conducted a demo on catching the larvae. After the event, the students ate some insects made into a Tsukudani dish. According to Taisei Imamura, one of the students, the insect food was crispy and it tasted like shrimp. The officials of Ina City and Nagano Prefecture plan to continue promoting traditional food through tasting events in Tokyo shops.