A company located in Chiba, Japan, named OX Engineering, created a high-tech wheelchair dubbed as “The Porsche of wheelchairs”. It will be used by the Paralympic professionals for 2020 games. Paralympic athletes who used wheelchairs made by OX Engineering have achieved 122 medals in total since 1996. This made the company a champion among Japan’s leading manufacturer of wheelchairs. Since Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics this year, the company produces about 500 wheelchairs for athletes from other countries. According to the company’s President Katsuyuki Ishii, “We have the technology to make a wheelchair fit perfectly for each athlete and to help them perform at their best.”

The ways of designing and producing wheelchairs at OX Engineering is still unknown. However, one of their assets is to make athletes perform better. Shiniego Kunieda, a Paralympian, who has achieved 26 Grand Slam Tennis titles, said that a wheelchair must “feel like a part of the athlete’s body.”