Cherry blossoms attract more foreign tourists at the start of springtime in Japan. The flowers captivate tourists so much that April already replaced July as the best month to visit Japan. As soon as the cherry blossoms start blooming, numerous foreign tourists and guests flocked to experience cherry blossom viewing. Last 2018, about 3.3 million people visited Ueno Park and around half of the number were foreign visitors.

According to the park’s management office, the increasing number of tourists is good but this poses different security measures such as adding English signages and more security personnel. This is due to some blunders committed by tourists such as breaking cherry blossom boughs to get the flowers closer to them while taking pictures. An official from Japan National Tourism Organization noted that posts in various social networking services have helped spread cherry blossoms’ beauty. Cherry blossoms are said to bloom only for a week or 10 days at most.