Rice is considered as one of the primary sources of carbohydrates and a very common food to eat, especially in many parts of Asia. Rice is usually included in a standard diet as it provides the nutrients our body needs on a daily basis. Having said that, are you the type of person who loves rice? How many cups of rice do you eat per meal?

According to research, eating rice is recommended to fight obesity. The study was presented in Glasgow, Scotland during the European Congress on Obesity. Professor Tomoko Imai, the lead researcher from Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts in Kyoto, Japan said, “The observed associations suggest that the obesity rate is low in countries that eat rice as a staple food.” Studies showed that people who consume rice or conform to an Asian-style diet are less likely to stay obese compared to those living in countries where rice ingestion is low. Experts said that rice is a famous weight-loss plan; however, its end result on obesity has remained vague.

Professor Imai’s team checked an individual’s rice consumption each day in reference to grams and calorie intake from over 100 countries. They also studied the data on the body mass index. Researchers found out that an average person in the United Kingdom consumes 19 grams of rice each day, much lower compared to countries like Canada, Spain, and the U.S. However, they inferred that even if a person consumes 50 grams of rice per day, it could still help reduce the number of obese adults globally from 650 million to 643.5 million.

Professor Imai also added, “It’s possible that the fiber, nutrients and plant compounds found in whole grains may increase feelings of fullness and prevent overeating.” Moreover, the research suggests that consuming an adequate amount of rice will help control bad eating habits in contrast to the myth that rice can make you overweight.