Wasao, an Akita dog known in northern Japan, was appointed as a stationmaster for Ajigasawa Station on the JR Gono Line in Ajigasawa, Aomori. He was appointed to promote tourism in the town from the current fiscal year to March 2020. A ceremony was conducted on April 6, 2019 for the issuance of the letter of appointment. The recognition was done publicly with the presence of Ajigasawa Mayor Mamoru Hirata. Wasao wore the cap of a stationmaster after the ceremony and waited for passengers on a platform.

Wasao became popular after he starred in his own film that has almost the same storyline as Hachikō. His spouse Tsubaki, the deputy station master, and his daughter Chome, the sales section chief, will be joining him. The three dogs are known as the Wasao family. They are accommodating and seeing passengers off of the popular Resort Shirakami train. The person associated with the East Japan Railway Co.’s Akita Branch Office stated that the Wasao family makes everybody smile and the officials wanted them to do their best to endorse tourism. Around 120,000 people visit the town every year and Wasao would be a big help to welcome tourists according to the town’s tourism association.