Japanese corporations that include greenery in their offices are growing in number, claiming that it is a fine idea to decrease stress among employees. They also find it as a way to attract applicants as such activity can promote their businesses for good measure. An information technology company in Tokyo has a vine tree suspended from the office’s entrance ceiling. Moreover, a tree named “everfresh” located in the office’s lounge, which survived a storm in an Okinawan forest, serves as the company’s symbol of vitality. Akane Hosokawa, a 34-year-old public relations officer, said, “Greenery helps employees feel refreshed and improves concentration”. She also said that a first-time visitor usually talks about the greenery in the office as the first topic of the conversation.

According to the result of an experiment by Kahori Genjo, a professor at Nagasaki University’s Graduate School of Engineering, indoor greenery plays a vital role in easing people’s discomfort or fatigue. Genjo even prompts corporates to use low-cost artificial plants that have benefits akin to real ones. Since December 2015, companies have been focusing on the status of their working environments as it is mandatory for screening purposes on stress-related ailments. Companies consider advocating employees’ welfare by adding greenery to workplaces that boost productivity and, at the same time, weakens stress.