More and more Japanese corporations are adding trees and plants in their offices to help lessen the stress of their employees. They also consider it as a good way to promote their businesses and attract potential applicants. One of the technology companies in Japan that was established in 2013 has greenery in the office. It has a tree hanging from the entrance ceiling at its main office in Tokyo. Another tree named “everfresh”, which survived a storm in Okinawa, is placed inside the office’s lobby.

According to Professor Kahori Genjo of Nagasaki University’s Graduate School of Engineering, having trees and plants inside the office enables the employees to feel less stress and fatigue. Inexpensive artificial plants can also be used to replace real ones as long as they have the same benefits. Companies have been paying more attention to their working environments since December 2015 after it became a requirement to check the offices for any stress-related illnesses. Many corporations support the idea of adding indoor plants in their offices to boost their employees’ efficiency and lessen their stress.