The tunnel is considered as Japan’s oldest water tunnel. It was originally built to reroute the then Minatogawa river streaming through Kobe.

It was built in the wake of a flood in 1896 and was completed in 1901. Also, it was considered as one of the largest river tunnels in the world at that time with a height of 7.6 meters and a width of 7.3 meters. The way the tunnel was built signifies that it had an advanced architecture when it was made.

The tunnel’s unique architectural design makes the sound resonate in an ambient manner within its walls. 180 people relished the concert held by a local chorus of students and others last February 2019. Despite having 10 C temperature that day, the performers’ clear singing voices echoed all over the tunnel in a dim light.

“Their singing voices came down from the ceiling, and I felt like I was being enveloped in them,” said Chiaki Shimizu, 50, who visited for the first time from Nara Prefecture. Even up to this day, there are many inquiries from people asking to perform there. Guests from outside Kobe come to visit the tunnel as well.