According to a new analysis, just a view of greenery outside your window could help lessen your cravings. The University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom supervised a survey of 149 people aged 21 to 65 years old. The respondents were asked about their frequent contact with nature as well as how much they crave for unhealthy foods. The research team also included the green areas present in each participant’s locality, grass-covered views and trees from the back of their windows, and their regular visits to a public place or exclusive parks. Respondents who always go to the garden or parks reported less and infrequent cravings. It was also the same as people whose views from home were surrounded by more than 25% green space.

An experiment in 2018 found that spending time in nature helped reduce stress and improve mood swings. In the current year, an additional study figured that being close to nature since childhood could support better mental health. The lead author of the study, Leanne Martine, said that “It has been known for some time that being outdoors in nature is linked to a person’s well-being. But, for there to be a similar association with cravings from simply being able to see green spaces adds a new dimension to previous research.” The study was published in the journal, Health & Place.