Misato Michishita, a 42-year-old visually impaired runner from Yamaguchi Prefecture, wants to win the gold medal in the 2020 Paralympic games after her victory in the Summer Tokyo games and achieving three consecutive wins in the World Para Athletics Championship. Michishita got a silver medal at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro and was placed No.1 in its league over the past three years. Michishita’s hard work resulted in breaking a new T12 world record last 2017. Participants with disabilities are categorized on the status of their blindness, with T11 considered the least severe and T13 as the most.

A few years ago, she met Megumi Kawaguchi, a 23-year-old member of the woman’s athletic club of a savings company, who assisted Michishita in her training sessions and work. Michishita said, “Of course I’m aiming for a gold medal. If the race unfolds as I picture it, when I reach the finish line, it will be the best having those companions that have supported me up to now waiting with a smile.” Kamaguchi, together with 10 of her teammates, created “Team Michishita” a group of individuals that help Michishita in her daily training for the preparation of international running contests. Michishita wants to show her gratitude by stepping in first in the finish line at the Tokyo new National Stadium.