Studies found that smartphone creates a warm temperature in its cover that causes moisture and helps bacteria like molds and mites live and grow quickly. People might be carrying the most important yet the dirtiest thing everywhere.

One hundred sixteen smartphone covers were examined by Nobuo Hamada, a researcher from Osaka Museum of Natural History. He discovered 100 to 10,000 molds in each cover and 560,000 molds from the dirtiest cover. According to Hamada’s investigation, molds and mites from smartphone covers depend on the length of smartphone use, type of users, and locations of the covers.

The results showed that those covers used for two years or more is moldier than the covers used in a year; also, male’s phone covers have higher number of molds than female’s, while most number of molds are found on covers that are put in our pants’ pockets. How about you, where do you put your smartphone cover? And how long have you used your smartphone cover?