Taxicab is one of the most typical modes of transportation around the world. With that said, they are taking it to the next level as flying taxis ready to take off. In May 2019, a German company launches a jet engine taxi called Lilium which had its first testing chassis flight in Munich.

This electric vehicle is capable to connect cities through landing pads with a speed of 300kph. The company did not disclose the exact fare amount of the flying taxi, it states that it would be comparable with the usual cabs. The German company aims that the commuters could access the Uber app to book a taxi flight.

The trials of the flying taxi have begun in Dallas and Los Angeles City. And now, Uber had chosen the third city for the trial. According to Susan Anderson of Uber, because of demographic factors innovative culture and technology, Melbourne became an ideal air path. From Westfield Shopping Center, the trial flight will land on Melbourne’s international airport. It is expected that the travel time would only take 10 minutes by a flying taxi compared to a land taxi that usually travels for 25 minutes.

“Today we are taking another huge step towards making urban air mobility a reality. We dream of a world where anyone can fly wherever they want, whenever they want.”, co-founder of Lilium Daniel Wiegand stated. Uber, Boeing, and Rolls are among the companies that made a tie-up with Lilium to make the flying cars ready for take-off in 2025.