Mental health refers to the state of our emotional and psychological well-being that has a great effect on our lives. People should not only take care of their physical health but also their mental health. To make that happen, here are four lifestyle changes that could boost one’s mental being.

1. Quit alcohol
A new study asked 10,386 adults and found out that those who don’t drink alcohol had the highest level of their mental health condition. The moderate drinkers and those who quit alcohol during the study period boost their mental health well-being.

2. Social media detox
Researchers believe that social media has a bad effect on a person’s mental health. A study in the UK found out that using one’s phone several times a day results in poor mental well-being. The lack of sleep and physical activities caused by using social media sites too much are the possible reasons for poor mental health.

3. Avoid junk food and eat more fruits and vegetables
Eating fruits and vegetables every day could improve one’s mental health. Researchers found that adults who ate unhealthy food like french fries, fast food, and soda had a higher chance of getting depressed.

4. Supplement intake
Taking dietary supplements is also good for mental health. The researchers revealed that specific supplements could reduce mental illnesses. Some supplements could also help to cure mood disorders and schizophrenia.