Start your year with good luck and extra protection with Japanese lucky charms! Omamori has a lot of types and uses, so you have several options to choose from.

They have special messages written on wood or paper that are said to give protection and good luck to the owner. Not sure on which to get? Check out this list of some omamori types:

Some common examples of omamori:
Katsumori – for success in general
Yakuyoke – to protect the owner from bad luck
Kenko – for good health

More specific types of omamori:
Kanai-anzen – to give added safety to one’s family
Shobai-hanjo – to give good luck to businesses
Byoki-heyu – to wish someone who’s sick to get well soon

Is there any way to tell which omamori is the best? The answer is no, and only you will know which one you need. So, feel free to take your pick!