Both personal life and work pressures can affect someone’s energy and health. Starting a new decade with a positive view in life is a good way to keep a healthy mind. These five tips will help you improve your mental health.

1. Exercise positive attitude
Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring bad happenings. It is about not focusing on those things for a long time, instead, a positive person will see the problems in life as temporary or a chance to learn and grow.

2. Do volunteers
Studies have confirmed how being kind to other people benefits our bodies to reduce stress and even have a longer life. It’s not important how much time a person can offer; just a simple act of giving has been shown to boost one’s health.

3. Be thankful
Counting our blessings not only saves us from stress and depression, but it can also help a person to be a positive individual. Moreover, remembering and appreciating the kindness received from others will give a sense of gratitude that will lead to happiness and better mental health.

4. Strengthen your social connections
According to Robert Waldinger, a Harvard psychiatrist, the happiest are the people who are more connected with family, friends, and community. A study from the Harvard Study of Adult Development has proven how good relationships help people become happier and healthier.

5. Know your purpose
Knowing your purpose helps a person to have good health and a happy life. Do not focus only on personal interest, instead, live for something bigger because it takes off some of the stress and pressure of life.