Do you feel upset by loads of work you need to accomplish? Or do you sometimes miss doing important things? These are proof that to-do lists can be difficult to follow. A “To-do list” is a list of work that needs to be finished, commonly organized in order of priority. An organizing and productivity expert Julie Morgenstern stated that she doesn’t like to-do lists because they’re intimidating to see that you never want to look at them again. Clare Evans, time management and productivity coach, agrees; She said she prefers calling it as an action list rather than a to-do list. For her, to make your action list effective, you just need to list down all important things that you need to accomplish; don’t put unnecessary tasks.

Here are some tips you can follow to make the ideal to-do list:

Keep it under control:
You need to list 10 tasks at most in one day. Figure out what you really need to finish and how long you think will it take you to finish each task.

Start with easier ones:
You have this good feeling when you start doing and finishing simple tasks. But remember not to waste your time doing simple tasks, you need to focus on finishing the important ones.

How many lists?
For your list not to look disorganized, Morganstern advised to separate the tasks. Put together all your financial stuff, marketing, and people stuff to avoid confusion.

For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards
Giving yourself a reward can be helpful when you are trying to do the things that you really don’t like to do. Achieving some tasks to finish is a great satisfaction for people who are aiming for accomplishment.

If you want to try making a to-do list, practicing these tips will help you. Keep it under control, start with easier ones, focus on finishing important tasks, and don’t forget to give yourself a reward, you deserve it. Go get a pen and paper. List down your tasks and follow these tips. You will be more organized than ever.