People become more conscious in almost everything they touch since the coronavirus outbreak and hand washing has been an important routine in people’s daily lives then. Consistent hand-washing with water and regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can cause rough or dry skin. But, can applying hand cream increase the risk of bacterial growth?

According to the researches of both Dr. Lindsay Broadbent (Centre for Infection and Immunity at Queen’s University Belfast) and Dr. Stephen Griffin (University of Leeds), using hand cream posed no threat to the safety of those who use it; the main issue lies within how one uses it. Proper precautionary steps should be taken when using hand cream. It was always advised to use your own and not lend it to anyone.

The usage of tissue paper when pushing the dispenser was also advised especially when using communal hand lotions. Broadbent and Griffin both use hand cream but they emphasized that the basic hygiene rules such as to always wash your hands with water and soap will always be the best first step in fighting and preventing any diseases.