Are you worried about your health? Want to improve your lifestyle and stay healthy? Then, stop touching your face!

Touching your face is quite a difficult habit to break but doing so will reduce your risk of getting infected. Scratching your nose, rubbing your eyes, and touching your mouth will make you prone to respiratory infection. Dr. Mary-Louise McLaws, professor of epidemiology, health care infection and infectious diseases control in Sydney, Australia, found out that by simply touching your face, you’re inviting a virus 11 opportunities to enter your body. Our mucous membranes are the portals to the body so we need to be aware of how often we touch our face.

To protect ourselves from the coronavirus, health officials remind us to always wash our hands. As we all know, a virus can spread easily. How? Let’s have an example. An infected person sneezed inside an elevator and touched the buttons. When he left, the virus stayed. The next person who touches the same button acquires the virus and then rubs his eyes. Just imagine if it was you, what are you going to do?

There are factors to be considered when we talk about the dangers of acquiring a virus by hand-to-face contact. It depends on the kind of virus, the temperature and humidity levels of the area, and whether the surface was porous or not. A virus can survive longest on the things made of metal and plastics and will definitely die on fabrics or tissues. In an experimental study of rhinovirus, which is the cause of common cold, researchers figured out that if a tiny virus was placed on a finger, 40 percent of it is capable of living for an hour and 16 percent for three hours. As stated, once you put your hands on your face, a virus will live long enough to enter your body.

But don’t worry too much! Doctor William P. Sawyer, a family physician and creator of, said that if you wash your hands regularly, the chance of transmitting the virus in your body will be decreased by 30 to 50 percent. He also added that your hands are recontaminated once you reach for another thing. To prevent this, stop touching your T-ZONE or your mucous membranes to prevent any infection. If you’re having a hard time avoiding that, you can wear glasses to have at least a barrier when you touch your eyes. Wear a hand covering, and for women try to wear makeup. Wearing makeup may prevent you from touching your face, as it may make you more aware of not smudging it, and also use moisturizers or eye drops to rub your eyes less.

Prevention is better than cure. One of the best ways to get rid of germs in most circumstances is to wash your hands often and correctly with soap, and also always carry a hand sanitizer or alcohol. These simple tips will help you prevent yourself from the coronavirus or any viruses, so always remember that to stay virus-free!