Japan has been a dream travel destination for some people. The country has a lot of things to offer from scrumptious Japanese cuisine to popular sightseeing spots to off-the-beaten-path places.

If you have plans of visiting the Land of the Rising Sun, you would relish your trip more when you use these useful mobile applications to guide you whether you want to know the cinema or train schedules, check out places to visit, talk to your friends or even locals.

1. Line
The Line is an application that most Japanese use to communicate with friends.
Unlike other countries, Facebook is not that popular in Japan as a means of communication. Creating a Line account is a piece of cake. All you have to do is to download the app, write your number, and find an ID. After this, you can now add your friends by QR code, their phone number, or by their ID. Aside from its convenience, Line has cute Japanese stamps, points for users to earn and spend, news, coupons, and a lot more cool stuff.

2. YureKuru
YureKuru is a very helpful application that alerts you a few seconds before an earthquake happens. It will also give some tips on what to do in case of an emergency. Once you open the app you will see a map showing all the places where an earthquake occurred during the day.

3. Google Maps
Google Maps provides thorough information about directions and geographical regions. It has been used by many people not just in Japan but around the world.

4. HyperDia
HyperDia is an application that shows the route and timetable of the railway and aviation in Japan.

5. Bus Navitime
If there’s an app for flight and railway schedule, Bus Navitime helps to check out bus schedules.

6. Yelp
If you are looking for a place to travel around or a restaurant to dine, Yelp is the answer. It’s free, convenient to use, and offers gluten-free healthy selections.

7. Visit a City
Visit a City can be used offline to plan a trip. It helps create a personal travel guide that will make a trip more enjoyable.

8. Showaround
This application is a local guide that helps you find the best places around a city. The app suggests places that are popular among locals and also helps you interact with people along the way.

9. PrintSmash
PrintSmash is a very useful app when needed a hard copy of a document or a picture. Just download the app and go to a nearby convenience store, then you’ll have the copy in no time.

10. Duolingo
Aside from Google Translate, this app helps you learn a language that might help you to communicate in basic Japanese. Basic Japanese words like saying “thankyou” and “sorry” to a native speaker.

11. TDR Alert
If Tokyo Disneyland is included on your list, then this app is very helpful to check how long you need to wait for the attractions, what attractions are available, and what is not. It also has information about a parade, restaurants, and many more.