Have you ever envisaged about what you might be doing at the age of 80? How will you spend and enjoy your old age? Well, this great grandma’s new passion might give you an idea on how to have fun in your retirement.

When Valentina Fyodorova, an 80-year old woman from Russia, saw a group of children skating across the ice, she was resolved to try it herself. The former school principal was health conscious but had never tried skating on ice. She didn’t even anticipate that she would become the captain of a senior women’s hockey team in her village in northwestern Russia.

Fyodorova admitted that she was scared at first, but forgot everything when they started playing. She learned how to skate at 79. She is the captain and the oldest member of their team named “Ustyanochka” that is comprised of mostly women in their fifties and sixties. They usually train three times a week in the gym and on the ice.

Fyodorova, who has three great grandchildren, said that even though she is much slower and less skilled than many younger players, she likes the camaraderie with her teammates. “She leads by example. By skating and playing hockey, she shows that even at that age, you can do anything,” said Maria Onolbayev, a former national athlete and Olympian who coaches Ustyanochka team.

She proudly wears number 80 on her red jersey. In fact, all her teammates wear their age on their jersey. Fyodorova said, “We are old people. We aren’t embarrassed to show our age.”

At first, she was scared to fall and get injured but became stronger and more confident on the ice. Now, she hopes to keep playing ice hockey as long as she can.
What hobby would you try after retiring? May you find a sense of purpose and a new passion in old age like Valentina Fyodorova.