Many of us are asking how long will it take to fully recover from coronavirus and how difficult it is if you have health issues. Is returning to full fitness hard or not?

Age and health problems are the common reasons why people become more sick and need a longer time to recover. In this case, how long will it take if you have mild and serious symptoms, and how long will it affect your health, and will you catch the coronavirus again once you recover?

The World Health Organization said those with mild symptoms are suffering from body aches, fever, cough, sore throat and headaches that take two weeks to recover, and medication like paracetamol. Those with more serious symptoms have difficulties breathing as our immune system tries to fight back the damage, and it takes two to eight weeks to recover in a hospital with oxygen therapy.

Dr. James Gill, a Warwick general practitioner (GP) and lecturer, said mental health is very important for recovery since there is no clear data about how long the virus will affect our health except for other conditions. Nobody knows when the antibody produced by those infected is going to last so it’s best to stay away from sick people and practice good hygiene at all times.

Being alert and simply following reminders will help us to stay safe from the virus. There are 1,021,000 healed patients as of May 1, 2020, so let’s keep on hoping and praying that this pandemic will end.