Lockdowns in a majority of countries are getting lifted, so concerns about a safe workplace arise among workers. The virus still lingers after all, so even with the tentative return-to-work policy, it requires offices to abide by social distancing protocols. But the question is, how can offices be safe to work in during a pandemic?

A building in Amsterdam responds with the use of technology. The building intends to have its offices conform to the existing rules and regulations during the pandemic, as well as the reality of working with a deadly disease. Coen van Oostrom, founder of the real-estate firm that established the building, says that a few changes may occur immediately in response to the employees’ concerns.

Prior to the virus outbreak, the building already provided its workers with a phone app that determines the temperature and even air quality of the office. Oostrom thinks that employees will most probably pay more attention to the app now since the virus is highly contagious. Offices will also change their seating arrangements to practice social distancing, although this method won’t always work for all employers.

Recording human temperature is one of the most famous ways as well to check who’s infected by the virus. Ezra Merill, vice president of the thermal technology company, tested its thermal camera at a U.S. factory. The device received mixed reactions from the workers; some were happy to try the camera while others worried for their privacy. Merill acknowledged the feedback and privacy issues it could bring.

Oostrom considers offices as “social beehives” where employees do their jobs altogether and socialize at the same time. But Lawyer Ravi Naik claims that using advanced technology may interfere with how an employee works, while a British bank chief executive says that working from home is perfectly fine during the pandemic. However, Oostrom disagrees and says that making offices fun to work in is “more important than ever”, so using technology will surely help the workers enjoy doing their jobs in a safe environment.