There are ways to help us maintain an active lifestyle or at least decrease the feeling of becoming less active.

1. Take part in regular exercise

Having a regular exercise is one of the effective ways to maintain an active lifestyle. Either walking or running everyday is believed to be a good help to build one’s strength.

2. Look after your feet

One of the ways to maintain your mobility is to take care of your feet by wearing the right footwear. It is believed that the incorrect fitting of footwear can cause damage to your feet. Getting foot soaks and massages every once in a while relaxes your feet.

3. Buy mobility aids if needed

Another way to maintain an active lifestyle is to invest in mobility aids such as scooters. Scooters might help you to travel more independently and visit social and exercise groups even at old age.

Even though we need to keep an active lifestyle, it is important not to drain ourselves when exercising. Just do it steady and slow, and a healthier lifestyle awaits you.