In the middle of this pandemic that created a big twist in everyone’s lives, the innovative chefs from different places were able to find a creative tactic to sell their products. A Singaporean chef idealized a timely strategy with the use of social media as a medium of advertisement. This cook made a Facebook group used in connecting food sellers, also known as “hawkers” to their customers. This idea was considered to be a success as it gathered 250,000 members composed of “hawkers” and their clients.

Another way to connect food merchants with their customers is by the use of delivery service. A thriving hostel in Thai capital Bangkok proposed this strategy to improve the sales of food vendors. The hostel restructured their business into a center in favor of food sellers around the vicinity. Hawkers connect with their buyers by the use of messaging app LINE with the deduction of 15 percent commission, which is more profitable to food sellers compared to other online services.

The customers will first need to place their order under the Hostel’s online delivery service. Next, the food will be delivered at the hostel. Lastly, hostel employees will organize the product to be delivered by motorbike couriers. Now the clients may enjoy their mouthwatering meal, a hassle-free way to grab delicious dishes. Through this, customers can try Thai street foods and favorite classics like pad thai and roast pork noodles.

Despite the changes caused by the pandemic, people strive to continue their lives. Being creative and innovative are some of the traits that were applied by the Asian chefs in promoting their goods. In that sense, they are worth calling as creative cooks of Southeast Asia.