Some of the parks in different parts of the world closed for the month of May, and during this situation, a huge number of wildlife were seen around the park grounds in the United States. Hotel staff have seen the changes in the wildlife as some of the animals, such as deer, bobcats, and black bears, were seen walking freely within the area. The same scene was also spotted at the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain but this will come to end as the parks will soon open, allowing the visitors to enter the place. To protect the individuals, the parks’ management hired temporary workers who will sanitize the frequently used areas such as tollbooths, permit desks, and visitor centers. Although protective measurements were practiced, still it will be difficult especially for the young animals, who were born in a peaceful environment, to adopt in a new place. Lindsay Rosa, a conservation scientist, said that amphibians should be taken care of especially now that these animals were at the start of its migration to their breeding ground.