Experts found out that standard bricks can be used to become energy storing devices as stated in the scientific journal, Nature Communications, published last August 11. After a series of experiments, they became powerful enough to turn LED Lights in hallways and power sensors installed in walls according to Assistant Professor Julio M. D’Arcy, one of the authors in the study. The bricks can be charged to store energy same to batteries and experts are planning the next step to store more energy so bigger electronic devices like laptops can be charged directly from walls.

Experts capitalized on these bricks’ strength and structure. They pumped a series of gases inside the tiny holes that gave chemical reactions, coating them with a nanoplastic fiber called PEDOT that conducts electricity. These “smart bricks” are supercapacitors; they can store energy but cannot sustain it for a long period of time. More tests are needed to be performed for this technology to be available in the market, but the smart bricks are a hope for another renewable form of energy.