With electronic devices like the computer, smartphone, and tablet, taking notes has been quicker. It’s easier to find errors, too. But, did you know that taking notes using pen and paper has more benefits?

Research shows that handwriting helps the brain get more information compared to typing. Called the encoding effect, handwriting improves the brain’s capacity to store information since the actual letters are written. The paper, notebook, or journal where we take notes also serve as our “external memory storage.”

The research also points out that using the keyboard is less reliable when it comes to understanding information because we simply type out the words. Most of us rely heavily on the copy and paste method, too, so the information is not properly stored in our brains. But handwriting is the complete opposite because it helps exercise our brain to summarize and paraphrase information. This means we understand the handwritten information more.

Drawings are also a good way to see and understand details. Florence Nightingale, a British nurse, used a pie graph to further explain the details of her research about modern medicine. Some subjects like science and math use illustrations to represent formulas better.

During the pandemic, students in some countries take lessons online. It’s still recommended for them to use the traditional pen and paper when taking notes. If you want to understand information better, then grab a pen and paper and start writing!