Nowadays, everyone is extra careful whenever they clean their groceries because of the coronavirus pandemic. But people might be cleaning their goods the wrong way. Here are some mistakes we make when cleaning our groceries, and tips to preserve your food correctly.

1. Not washing your hands
Wash your hands after buying your goods to maintain having a clean kitchen and food. The first thing you should do is remove your mask and wash your hands.

2. Not cleaning your kitchen
It is important to clean your kitchen to remove germs that cause illness. To clean your kitchen, just wipe your counter with a disinfectant wipe.

3. Don’t wash your crops using soap
You should not wash your fruits and vegetables with soap because it makes your food taste different, so just rinse them with cool water. Also, wash your peeler to avoid contamination.

4. Not cleaning your refrigerator
It is important to clean all the areas of your refrigerator every weekend. You also need to remove any rotten food to avoid any contamination.

5. Not putting the groceries in their proper places
Put your leftovers on the top shelf and your daily goods in the middle. Raw meat should be on the bottom shelves while fruits and vegetables are on the fridge drawer. All condiments and drinks should be on the door.

6. Not washing reusable bags
When you go to the store, make sure to wash your reusable bag. This will decrease the spread of bacteria and food contamination.

7. Oversanitizing
The FDA said that there is no evidence of COVID-19 spreading through your goods, so you don’t need to wipe all of your goods. But it is okay if you want to do it if it makes you more comfortable.