On August 27, 22-year-old Irishman Brendan Lawlor became the first disabled golfer to compete in the European Tour. Lawlor participated in the ISPS Handa UK Championship in England’s golf resort and hotel, The Belfry, where he shot 84 in the first round. Lawlor has a rare genetic condition called “Ellis van Creveld syndrome”. This disorder is characterized by dwarfism on the limbs, abnormal fingers and/or toes, and oftentimes with inborn heart diseases. The condition did not hinder his passion in pursuing a professional career in golf, instead, it motivated him to be an inspiration to others.

Lawlor has been interested in golf because of his grandfather who sparked his interest in the sport since he was four years old. Although his height was shorter than the others, he never thought he was any different with his peers. After competing against winners, the trailblazer hopes that this could open doors for more disabled golfers to compete with the world’s best players. “I just want to get that ball rolling (not only) for myself but for other people coming forward to trying to make that trail line to give other people chances and hopefully get the game to a high level where maybe people can earn a living out of it. That’ll be a true goal for me.”, Lawlor said.