Two studies say that people who have blood type O may be less affected by the infection; professionals highlighted that more research is required. The research provides more evidence that blood type may alter a person’s sensitivity to illness and their chance of having a dangerous stage of the infection. Nevertheless, the reasons for this association need more examination to tell if it has positive effects on patients with Covid-19. Research from Denmark saw that of all the 7,422 people that were tested positive for Covid-19, only 38.4% have blood type O. On the other hand, Canadian experts discovered that of all the 95 patients seriously ill with Covid-19, a proportion with type A or AB — 84% — asked to use mechanical ventilation compared to patients with blood type O or B, which was 61%. The Canadian study also told that those people with blood type A or AB stayed longer in the Intensive Care Unit, compared with people with blood type O or B.