Kamakura is a seaside city in Kanagawa known for its Buddhist Zen temples and Shinto shrines. But there’s more to Kamakura than these. If you have an “old-fashioned” hobby, there’s a secret place waiting for you.

The Secret Retro Base is a games shop where visitors can both look at and play old-school games. Eight people can play their game and console of choice, either Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or the Nintendo Super Famicom Entertainment System (SNES). Some of the games include the classics like Space Invaders, Super Mario, Street Fighter, and Mario Kart. If you’re not Japanese, no worries; the all-knowing owner will help you with basic instructions and give you rough translations.

Aside from The Secret Retro Base, Kamakura also has shops that specialize in miniature furniture and one that looks the same as a weapon shop from a game. There’s also one that makes and sells matryoshka kokeshi dolls. Kamakura is truly an “old-fashioned” city, so make sure to visit not only the shrines and temples, but the shops in this famous seaside city as well!