South Korean start-up, Petpuls, developed an AI-powered smart collar that translates emotions in dogs’ barks through voice recognition technology. The collar sends messages to dog owners through a smartphone application to know if their dogs are happy, sad, anxious, angry, or relaxed. It has a 90 percent accuracy rate of emotional recognition according to Seoul National University. The company began collecting different types of barks to study dogs’ emotions. It now has over 10,000 samples from 50 dog breeds. It also acts as a monitor for their physical activity, calculating burned calories during exercise.

The company’s global marketing director Andrew Gil said that more people began to adopt dogs but unfortunately, some of them abandoned their dogs due to miscommunication. He added that it has an important role in a pandemic because it helps pet owners bond with their dogs and understands them better. The pet care industry boomed by 34% or $138 billion according to Euromonitor data research. The global population of dogs also increased by 18% or 489 million.