Vending machines in Singapore are special in their own way. If you want to buy salmon or wagyu beef quickly and without the need to go to a supermarket, you can get them from vending machines. You’ll also see bread, curry puffs, freshly cooked pizza, freshly squeezed orange juice, and even cooked chili crab in Singapore’s vending machines. Not only food, but you can also buy books and cacti from machines.

But why vending machines? Manish Kumar, managing director of salmon vending machines, says that he can have his own retail space using such machines. Meanwhile, for Mervin Tham, one of the three founders of a wagyu beef vending machine chain, using them is a “low-effort way of testing a product.” He also mentioned that more and more people abroad are interested in using vending machines.

During this time of the pandemic, vending machines are more important than ever. Because they’re contactless and available 24/7, people don’t need to take the risk of getting the coronavirus when going to supermarkets. Plus, vending machines are convenient and easy to buy from. Whether there’s a pandemic or not, these small yet powerful machines will continue to prove their worth.