The Eurovision Song Contest is an international song competition where most of the contestants are from European countries. It’s a yearly event, but the pandemic postponed 2020’s competition. Eurovision’s executive supervisor Martin Österdahl, however, made sure that this year’s event will continue no matter what.

Eurovision 2021 is being held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This year’s competition is symbolic because of the coronavirus and current events, and the artists see it as a challenge and mission to make sure people are safe while having fun. 29 out of the 39 contestants have re-selected their entries from last year and everyone has been practicing in Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena for more than a week. Since then, they continue to follow the safety protocols and each person in the building must be tested every 48 hours. The Dutch government allowed a maximum of 3,500 people in the arena in each of the semi-finals and grand final.

Although difficult, each artist has expressed their excitement to make Eurovision 2021 a success. They used different techniques to avoid getting the virus when traveling to the hotels and the arena. Now, they’re more than willing to perform on stage once again.