It is normal to feel uncomfortable when going out in public after staying at home for over a year, but some people are so nervous that they are refusing to step out of their front doors. Dr. Arthur Bregma, a psychiatrist from Florida has named this fear Cave Syndrome and he has been helping patients since the beginning of the pandemic. He has developed a system called MAV which stands for mindfulness, attitude, and vision.

The first step of the system is to think of the problem that is bothering you. Once you know that problem, you can start thinking positively by believing the good things that can happen to you outside. You can also imagine the moments you have shared with your friends before the pandemic, such as sharing a meal or attending a concert. For the last step, you have to list the goals that you can achieve once you leave your cave. According to Bregman, it is best to do the system right away as the longer you are in your cave, the harder it is for you to get out. Dr. Alan Teo, an associate professor of psychiatry at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, reported that feeling uncomfortable is normal and that experiencing stress is not a reason to be alarmed. However, if you are not able to leave your house and continue doing your daily activities, Bregman believes it is best to get professional help. The way we interact with others has changed in many ways. From talking about the weather, conversations are now about vaccines. According to Teo, it is okay if we are out of practice with social skills. The most important thing is to always stay safe and healthy.