We all enjoy a good film, and this year’s Cannes Film Festival’s opening-night movie does not disappoint, though it was a bit strange. It was a rock opera directed by Leos Carax, and the first hour of the movie shows the complex relationship between two actors, focusing on their contrasting careers. It can be comparable to the “Beauty and the Beast” trope, but things get more bizarre as the story goes on.

Henry McHenry (Adam Driver) is a grumpy comedian who loves to wear a dressing gown and slippers in his stand-up show, The Ape of God. His girlfriend, Ann (Marion Cotillard), is an opera singer who’s “too good for him.” Despite their vast differences, the two marry and have a child, Annette. But she isn’t a normal “girl:” Annette has the appearance of a hideous-looking wooden puppet with ET’s glowing heart. In the first half, it features Henry and Ann singing in almost everything that they do. But the second half of the movie gets a little strange. Annette begins singing in short and high-pitched noises along with Ann’s miraculous voice. The film evolves from a melodrama to a gloomy fairy tale.

“Annette” is an interesting mix of crowd-pleasing Hollywood charm and European weirdness, and it’s an engaging piece that adults must see. Avant-garde rock operas are few and far between, but that is sometimes for the best.