Everyone wants to live in a traffic jam-free society. USky, a Belarus-based company, is trying to make this happen with their driverless and high-speed pods. As of now, the company is still testing the pods in Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Inside the pods, passengers can expect a first-class airline look, with mood lighting, music, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Currently, each pod can carry up to four passengers and can travel up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) per hour. One of uSky’s ideas behind the project is to make space for more walkways and greenery. The pods are also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than subways, according to the company. Oleg Zaretskiy, uSky Transport’s CEO, says they are also looking at other countries to open their services. “We can see that the best areas for our business are in the Middle East and Asia — places where there is natural growth of population.” he shares.

The system could start carrying up to 10,000 passengers in 2024. Sky pods in Sharjah are yet another example of the power of technology and how ideas can make the world a better place.