Netflix has recently shown the Father’s Day movie, “Fatherhood” last June 18, with comedy actor Kevin Hart who plays the main character. The inspiring movie, directed by Paul Weitz, gave Hart a chance to show his serious side. It is based on the book of Matthew “Matt” Logelin (played by Hart), “Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love”.

The film begins at the funeral of Matt’s wife, who died of a heart illness after giving birth to their daughter. Upset of the recent happenings, Matt refused the request of his mother-in-law to fill in for taking care of their daughter in Minnesota. Matt insisted on raising Maddy by himself while having a challenging job. The movie shows a mix of emotions—from the pain of Matt after losing his wife, the questions about his skills as a parent, to some visual jokes like putting the diaper genie under a toy basketball hoop.

In this feel-good film, Hart successfully went outside the the box of comedy, showing his emotional side not commonly similar to his previous films and shows.