Freelance personal finance writer Anna Davies knows how difficult it is to be a single parent. She’s been embarrassed as to how she’s beginning to disconnect from her saving goals. Then, she learns about financial therapy, and how it talks about personal finance and mental health.

Israeli psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s research showed that money decisions can affect our emotions. Employee-experience platform Perk-Box’s 2019 poll showed that money is the main cause of stress in the UK. Professor Brendan Burchell of the social sciences at the University of Cambridge also said that fear of money does exist, so he advises people to seek professionals specializing in treating phobia when faced with money stress. Financial therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, based in Michigan, USA, encourages her clients to spend more on what they need and save up on what they do not value as much.

Many experts believe that money stress or fear has other root causes. Financial therapy is interesting, but not everyone is ready to accept it yet.