Rome, the capital of Italy, is famous for its historic sites, but for food lovers, it is also the land of pizza. If you are looking for the best pizzerias in the city, you should visit the charming village of Trastevere, or you can try Mr. Go, a vending machine pumping out four types of pizza for whenever you’re in the mood for a slice. The 24/7 pizzaiolo (pizza-maker) is located in a busy area of Rome, around 15 minutes drive from the Colosseum.

Mr. Go is a vending machine that makes freshly baked pizza in three minutes. The machine can hold enough dough for up to 100 pizzas. Customers can watch their pizzas cooking behind a small glass window. The pizza costs around $7. “For that same $7, we could have got a “nice big woodfired Margherita” in Trastevere” says Gianni, a taxi driver in Rome who has tried Mr. Go.

Bucolo says that what Mr. Go offers is not even a real pizza. He calls it a “cross between a pizza and a piadina” — the pizza-sized flatbreads from the Emilia-Romagna region. For Bucolo, true pizza is “tossed by hand and seared in a wood-fired oven”. Whether you get it from a vending machine or a five-star restaurant, pizza is a truly satisfying dish.