A 26-year-old woman from Connecticut who walked directly on thermal features in Yellowstone National Park in July was sentenced to a week in jail. The woman, Madeline S. Casey, together with a companion, made their way to a thermal ground despite nearby signs warning visitors to stay on the boardwalk. “The ground is thin and scalding water just below the surface can cause severe or deadly burns,” said Morgan Warthin, a Yellowstone National Park spokeswoman. According to a statement from the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Wyoming, Casey pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor offense.
Casey will be paying a total of $2,040 in fines, fees, and community service, based on court documents. She has until the end of January 2022 to complete her jail time and make the community service payment. Officers have been asking the public to take the safety signs at the national park seriously. In May 2020, a woman suffered burns after falling into a thermal feature at Yellowstone. She told officers that she fell after taking pictures. “Visitors should know that walking on thermal features is dangerous and illegal.” Park Chief Ranger Sarah Davis said in a statement.