Cars and other vehicles make traveling easy and comfortable. It also helps us not to get too tired when going from one place to another. But this small town in Italy is only accessible by occasional tractors, bicycles, and on foot.

Chamois is located 1,815 meters high on Aosta Valley, connected by trails and streets. This town of seven small villages was protected from roadways before due to its location. But during Italy’s economic improvement in the 1960s, the villagers wondered if they would finally make their homes accessible by car. In the end, they didn’t. What they requested, however, is a type of transportation better than any vehicle: a cableway. It’s quicker and causes no pollution at all. Even though the population dropped from 350 to 100, the townspeople had begun and continue to use their humble home to experiment with sustainability technologies such as renewable energy systems.

Traveling without any car, train, or bus may seem impossible to most of us, but for the residents of Chamois, doing so is just a walk in the park.