Korean entertainment company CJ E&M announced last August 10 that Hollywood’s Lynda Obst will produce a movie about K-pop titled “K-Pop: Lost in America” (working title).

Among the blockbuster films Obst produced were “Sleepless in Seattle,” “Bad Girls,” “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and “Interstellar.” Meanwhile, Miky Lee, a respected entertainment chief in South Korea, also joined Obst. Lee is the vice-chairman of CJ Group and head of CJ E&M. She is also the producer of the Academy Award-winning movie “Parasite.”

Based on reports, the upcoming K-pop movie will include top K-pop stars and other potential talents. “After ‘Parasite’ won four Academy Awards, interest in Korean creators has been increasing. So we decided to match it with K-pop, which is popular worldwide, and start this project to assist Korean creators to enter the overseas market and also to promote K-pop and Korean culture further,” said CJ E&M. “Tidal Wave” and “Ode to my Father” director Yoon Je-Kyun is also set to direct the said film. Yoon plans to present both Korean and Hollywood stars to attract global audience.