Students from Scotland have joined in a global protest on September 24, 2021, seeking immediate solution to climate change. The group Friday for Future Scotland (FFS), established by young people from Scotland in early 2019, held climate walks around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, and Ullapool. From Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park, the students walked to the city’s George Square. Hundreds also came together in Edinburgh outside the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood. The program happened five weeks before the United Nations’ COP26 climate change forum. “I felt hopeless not doing anything. These school strikes are one thing that definitely bring a lot of people some hope and they are really important,” said a 14-year-old Leah Duffy who took part in the FFS movement. Duffy added that this effort just shows the youth’s willingness to “sacrifice their own education in order to get this message across.” Meanwhile, the Scottish government promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2045.