The port delays in the United Kingdom (UK) are seriously affecting the supply of many businesses, including stores selling Harry Potter merchandise. “A Harry Potter wand used to be £20, now it’s going to be £35-£40. All of the shops are running out of stock,” says Elvijs Plugis, co-owner of collectible shop House of Spells, based in Charing Cross, London. Most wands and clothing products inspired by the Potter films are now difficult to source.

House of Spells has to pay 25-30% in container shipping costs and 30% more on customs charges. London Toy Company, the importer of Harry Potter toys, says it has now sold out of all of its stock of Harry Potter products. The company now has 35,000 toys held up at ports, amounting to £250,000. Moreover, the delay is adding 2.5-3 weeks to the time frame of order arrival. The toy company’s clients, like Amazon and Audi, are waiting to receive orders of toys. Alan Simpson, managing director of Toytown, a chain of independent toy stores is encouraging customers to start their Christmas shopping early this year as the selection of products will likely be different in December.