People nowadays “bloom” later in life now that we’re living longer, changing jobs more frequently, and seeking deeper understanding in our work. And the idea that winning earlier in life is more impressive is quickly becoming an old-fashioned view on achievement.

The phrase “late bloomer” comes from our belief that people should achieve certain life goals at a young age and that those who don’t would be left behind. Due to a fascination with youthful accomplishments, current ideas of success often come with the pressure to achieve it as soon as possible. For those who are not yet successful at a later age, feelings of failure, negative self-comparison, and even a sense of being forgotten are common. Removing the pressure to achieve success at a specific timeline is not only good for mental health, but it can also help those who are labeled as “late bloomers” to realize that winning later in life is all right.

We must avoid biases that lead us to underestimate a person’s hidden potential. Instead, remember that no matter your age, success is success.